Are you a Teen Driver?

Practice with these exercises to see if you can make the right choices, and see driver videos of what teens do to cause a crash.


How Can you and Your Peers Prevent Distracted Driving?

Your friend is sitting next to you, and you’re at the wheel. Let’s say they want to show you an embarrassing photo of you someone posted. You are tempted to take that quick look. It’s only a brief moment, right? A brief moment looking away from the road is all it takes:

Tell your friends, it can wait!

Did you know that two or more peer passengers more than triples the risk of a fatal crash with a teen at the wheel? What if you’re a passenger in a car when your friend is driving distracted? How can you speak out?

Are your friends showing off in the car? Learn to protect them. And you. Try to redirect their attention back to the road. Ask them to stop the car.

Suggest you all wait and eat when you arrive.

Just focus on driving – DRIVE SMART!