How You and Your Family Can Learn to Prevent Distracted Driving

Our aim is to equip parents with strategies to work with their teen drivers, and educate families on the importance of limiting distractions from passengers.

“Driver’s Ed Begins the Moment you Turn the Car Seat Around”

We know that it is important that parents regularly talk to their kids about distracted driving and set expectations. And, parents are important role models for young drivers. Do you eat fast food while driving? Take a quick phone call? Send a quick text? Youth who perceive that their parents drive while distracted also tend to drive while distracted. Use our tip sheet Prevent Distractions to be a Smart Driver to help your young diver develop a safe routine. Discuss the tips often and practice them yourself!

Click here to download our Distracted Driving Toolkit: Parent-Teen Driving Agreement, Driver Tips on Preventing Distraction, Passenger Tips on Minimizing Distractions.

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Our Drive Smart Parent-Teen Driving Agreement (PTDA) serves as a discussion tool for you and your teen. It:

  • helps parents set clear expectations as relates to: use of the phone, relying on passengers, making preparations before driving, and avoiding distracting activities
  • establishes teen driver safety rules for every trip
  • reminds about the Level 2 license restrictions on night driving and passengers
  • allows the parent to set specific promises
  • enables you to record consequences for violating the agreement

Passengers can Help Drivers keep their hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and focused ahead. Parents can teach each family member how to be a good passenger using the Drive Smart Tip Sheet: “Be a Good Passenger to Minimize Distractions.”

Graduated Driver Licensing Know the rules of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) – learn the restrictions related to use of a cell phone while driving and the number of passengers allowed according to phase. Driving privileges increase by phase – learn the details from Michigan’s Secretary of State, accessed here Michigan Graduated Driver Licensing.

Videos to Watch with your Family

Seeing real teens crash following unsafe distracted driving behavior bridges the conversation with your teen. Watch these brief videos together; they demonstrate teen driving risks and show the consequences of these behaviors.

Video: Real Teens Distracted Just Prior to Crashing (AAA Study)


The following video demonstrates the dangers of both passenger conversation and texting:
Video: Experience a crash (


Maintain the conversation about distracted driving, and learn to be a good role model!