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Drive Smart
Your teen is behind the wheel... what are you thinking?

Three Important Steps Parents Can Do Before Their Teen Learns to Drive

  1. MODEL the driving behaviors you want your teen to follow. Driver’s education begins the moment you turn the car seat around; they will imitate your habits.

  2. TEACH your teen the dangers of distracted driving; point out examples and talk about behaviors that take your focus off the road. Need examples? Watch this video together:

  3. ASK them to help as a safe passenger. Review our Safe Passenger Tips here.

Your Teen is Behind the Wheel – Now What?

  1. Request the Drive Smart Free Teen Driving Kit ------->

  2. Set up safe driving habits such as a routine to follow each time they prepare to drive. Review our Safe Driver Tips here.

  3. Discuss "do not disturb" times when your teen is likely to be driving. During these times promise to not text or call your teen and ask others to do the same.

  4. Download an app on your teen’s phone that silences alerts while the vehicle is on motion.

  5. Give your teen key phrases to use if they’re riding with a distracted driver. Teaching them how to be safe passengers will make them better drivers.

  6. Practice Now!

    Practice with these Drive Smart Exercises; test your street smarts moving through Distractions Avenue.

    Practice Now!

  7. Complete the Parent-Teen Driving Agreement. Whether or not you set rewards or consequences discuss the items and promise to also follow responsible driving as a parent.

    Periodically review progress on the items in the Agreement – have you both stayed focused?




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